2 Chronicals 7:14 cannot take place, in any nation, until each individual submits to this verse on a personal level. Personal revival is the catalyst to nationwide revival.

Too many broken promises, divorces and injustice. Not enough widows and orphans are being cared for. Professing christians still continue to rob God in finances. Children are left for the wolves to sexual perversion and extreme pain both physically and mentally. Too much blood shed of the unborn AND born.

Our Lord weeps.

Too much secret sins that sinks to high heavens.

Our Lord looks on in sorrow.

Will the Lord even find 10 righteous ones in the land, of any nation?

There is not enough prayer, there is not enough weeping for the sins of the land, there is not enough true repentance.

Like Rick Joyner mentioned, why did Abraham stop at 10?

Hey, maybe that is what we should be asking…just 1 righteous one Lord….

I agree with all that Rick Joyner mentioned. Same thoughts came to my mind these past couple weeks.

We don’t know God’s timing.

We prophesy in part and we know in part.

Prophet Sadhu gave the word from the Lord that Trump will triumph. The Lord’s word will not return to him void. Trump WILL Trumph!

I’m taking notice of those speaking of a ‘resurrection’ a Trump type of person…

Can it be through Trump’s son, Barron?

Like a King David and Solomon type of scenario?

Barron Trump has been watching what his Father had to go through for these past 4 years. And then the election fiasco.
No one but God knows his thoughts and feelings.
Will the Lord stir his heart for a leadership position? After all his last name IS Trump.

Pure speculation on my part.

All in all,
I take heart in the truth that the Spirit & the Bride will say, “Come”.

I’ve mediated on this verse and as beautiful as it sounds, the scenario surrounding this event is awfully dark. No government or spiritual leader to look to.
Major persecution, underground gathering of believers,
Hunger and pain will grip them.

The Lord Jesus will still provide and miracles will still take place to the glory of God.

But only then will pure love, oneness of heart, and pure child-like faith will pour out of every believer.
Oneness with the Holy Spirit will produces one voice.

THEN, the Father will say, “your bride is ready my Son, go get her.”

Every eye will see HIM.

HE is our King and we are HIS people
This is our hope🙏🏾